Thursday, 14 April 2016

David Wind.


The Thursday Interview just became an interrogation!!
For the record, please state your name and the title of your new book: 
David Wind, author of Sci-Fi / Fantasy series "Tales Of Nevaeh".

Do you swear to tell the truth, 
the whole truth, 
and nothing but the truth, 
so help you God:  I DO


No.1  Why are you, you?
Genetics is the easiest answer, but the wrong one. Those things that make me who I am, I believe, are the same as anyone else. My experiences in life, the way I think, and the way I translate my thoughts and emotions into a physical reality; how I conduct my life and treat others is exactly what makes me the individual bearing the name David Wind. 

No.2  Where on the political spectrum are you & how did you get there? 
I have swum in the pool of the political spectrum, through anarchy and liberalism, through conservatism and moderatism (is this even a word?). I’ve looked at socialism, communism and totalitarianism and have realized there is only one place for me in the world political scheme, as an observer of the dissonance controlling the politics of our world. 

No.3  In today's world, why does your book matter?
My series, Tales Of Nevaeh matters because everything happening in the world today is reflected and then deduced into a possible future. A future created by the discord so visible throughout the world, brought out by the suffocating terrorism and the fear of strangers—of those who are “different” from us, to the ongoing bigotry of race, religion, and the attacks in Belgium, Israel, Istanbul, London, New York, Paris and other countries. Yet, Tales Of Nevaeh shows we can rise from this.

No.4  What is the one fear that is always holding you back? 
I don’t know if holding me back is the right phrase, or if it’s what pushes me forward, but my one fear, when it comes to writing, is the insecurity that what I’ve written isn’t ‘good enough’. It is the driving force within me, pushing me to make whatever I’ve written better.

No.5  Finish this sentence "My novel will be remembered in 50 years time because......."
Honestly, I won’t be alive in fifty years, so the real question is do I care?  I hope that in 2067, if anyone reads the Tales Of Nevaeh, series, they will say, ‘Wow, what a great imagination.  Glad none of this ever happened’.

No.6  How did you feel when you realized you're going to die? 
Everyone dies, most don’t think about until something happens to threaten their mortality. I’m no different. Three years ago I was on a cruise from Rome through the Greek Islands.  After leaving Rome, we went to Sicily, and toured Mt. Etna. I was standing on the black volcano ash when I felt myself …off. I wasn’t sure what it was, but it wasn’t good. So I had a small cigar and an expresso. We went to a winery for lunch, and I still didn’t feel good. Then back to the ship, where I went to the ship’s doctor, who told me it was nothing. A little indigestion. Then I had a huge dinner, and later went to sleep, still feeling…off
  The next day was a sea day, no ports. During dinner that night, I felt further off.  The Wine Steward came by to ask which wine I wanted the next night (We’d bought one of those wine packages) and I selected a Super Tuscan. He said he would open it in the morning, because that particular vintage need a long period to aerate,  Then we had a pleasant evening. I went to bed around midnight, but at 5 am, I woke up feeling a weird “tear-like” sensation inside my chest.
    We called the ship’s doctor and went to the medical area, where he still insisted it was nothing. I knew better and said something is wrong. We docked in Athens 4 hours later and the ambulance whisked me to the hospital. Twenty minutes later, I was in surgery. I had suffered an aortic dissection.
  Somehow, I made it through the hours of open heart surgery, and the doctor who saved my life, a wonderful thoracic surgeon, explained that he had never had a patient who suffered a rising aortic aneurism survive as long as I had before surgery.
  This brush with death made me more than just aware of my mortality, it taught me that I will eventually die, but before that happens, I intend to live out my life to the fullest and cherish everything and everyone both close to me and far away.  Oh, I never did get to drink that Super Tuscan...

No.7 Rejection is everywhere in the writing world and yet you carry on. Please explain?
First, I should explain that when it comes to writing and I’m told ‘no, you can’t do this’, it makes me angry enough to do exactly what I’m told I can’t. I was far from a great student, but I was a great reader. The first time I took a writing course was in my twenties, and four weeks into the course, the professor called me up, handed me the two chapters I had submitted and told me to stop. I had no talent, and worse, I did not have enough knowledge of the English language to write anything literately.  Two and a half years later, I sent the egotistical professor a signed copy of my first published novel. 
  Rejection is an intimate part of a writer’s life and in the following years, I had many (I mean a lot) proposals rejected by publishers, which, again, only added fuel to my personal fires, which again pushed me on. Thirty-eight novels and three short stories later, I’m still writing. I became an Indie author in 2008 with my first Amazon novel, Angels in Mourning.  In addition, as I receive the rights back to my older traditionally published novels, I re-publish. As a writer, and having control over my own writing was the most freeing publishing event of my career.

No.8 Would your book series "Tales Of Nevaeh" make a great movie? Why?
The Tales Of Nevaeh would make a great movie trilogy, beginning with Born To Magic. Unlike most of the “dystopian” or “end of the world movies” such as the Hunger Games, or the Divergent series, Tales Of Nevaeh is NOT about somewhat evolved but oppressed societies controlled by a higher caste of citizenry, who keep the rest of humanity as slave labor or experiments until they revolt.
  Taking place three thousand years from now, and based on the world’s escalation in terrorism, Tales Of Nevaeh is NON-High-Tech science fiction and fantasy showing the possible evolution of humanity into the paranormal as well as increased basic human abilities enabling people to rise above the horror that destroyed their world three thousand years before. It is about an evolution that changed humanity, hopefully for the better, while their old enemy, the ‘evil’ destroyers of the world, arise to overshadow the future. A movie based on this would not only be spectacularly visual, but emotionally driving. “Do you hear that, Mr. Spielberg?”

No.9 Name one thing you have done that you're not proud of?
Wow…ummmm…. My least proud moment, I guess you would call it, was when I was 14 and in school in Florida. Where I lived was somewhat bigoted. We had moved from New York the year before, and until then I had no idea of what bigotry really was. As the new kid on the block, so to speak, I wanted nothing more than to fit in.  There was another kid, “of color”, in my classes. He was a Seminole Indian, who was bullied by the white kids. I joined in, wanting to be accepted, and added to the bullying. The only problem was that it made me feel terrible, as I had also been the butt of bullying at one point. This went on for several weeks, until one day, I could not do it any longer – keep up the pretense that I was one of “the guys”, because feeling of guilt drove home the point that I wasn’t. The next day, I rode my bike to the Seminole reservation and went to his house, where I apologized. He was in several of my classes, and wasn’t doing well. I offered to help him and over the next year, I spent many afternoons doing our homework together. It was a lesson that no one could have taught me: one that changed the way I look at people and the world.

No.10 Name 2 humans you love and why?
Is this a Thursday Interrogation question, or the Spanish Inquisition, putting me into a precarious position? This is possibly the most unfair question an interviewer has ever asked me, So I’m going to obfuscate as a writer should but without any esoteric meanderings. #1: Without the least hesitation, I love my wife unconditionally. Her name is Bonnie. Why? Because I do, and after 30 plus years, I feel exactly the way I did in the beginning. #2: My children (3 of them)  Zach, Devon & Alana. I don’t believe any explanation is necessary.

OK, you're free to go.
If we have any further questions 
where can we contact you? 

You can find me on 24/7 on FACEBOOK.
And my book series 'Tales Of Nevaeh' 
can be found on AMAZON.



  1. Great interview, David! I'm glad you survived your aortic aneurism, and feel your regret in missing out on the Super Tuscan. =)

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  2. Thanks Lorena. Well,l there's plenty of great Tuscan wine out there, but I have only only heart, so it was worth the trade. :-)

  3. David Wind is one of my favourite authors.
    Highly recommended.