Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Terms & Conditions

The 10 "Not so tough" rules:

1. One submission per person.

2. You must have some fiction of any genre (except Religious or Financial) published in the past 9 months.

3. All answers should be between 30 and 300 words. Of course we want to know about your newest book (Questions 3,5,7,8) but we also want to know about you (Questions 1,2,4,6,9,10). Answers about you should not contain information about your books.

4. A bio will be used (200 words max) & current work info (200 words max ) No foul language will be accepted.

5. You cover will be featured on the "Beautiful Books" section for 4 week starting on the day of the interview

6. Interviews are released once a week (Aprox 9pm London time) & posted to facebook and twitter

7. Send your Bio & Current work (No.4) along with your Questions & Answers (No.3) as a (Word.doc or rtf file) to:   the_thursday_interview  |AT|  outlook.com - The subject line of your email should read "Thursday Interview".

8. Just to recap - Here's what you should send exactly

 8.1 Biography - 200 WORDS MAX
 8.2 ANSWERS - To our 10 questions
 8.3 Blurb (new book) - 200 WORDS MAX

9. No rule bending! If you do not comply with these simple rules I will not accept.

10. Any other questions? Just email me, Patrick @   the_thursday_interview |AT| outlook.com

The Published Interview will look like this:

(1) - Today I'd like to welcome ...NAME... to the Thursday interview. Before we get started, tell us a little about yourself. (Personal info & Previous work - 200 words max)

(2) - Ten Question's Answered

(3) - A thank you message (By me)

(4) -  Blurp (200 words max) & book cover picture with link's to your new work


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