Thursday, 21 May 2015

David Torres.

Today I'd like to welcome David Torres, author of  “Unrestricted Rising” to The Thursday Interview. Before we get started, a quick intro!

I never once thought that I would be a writer. Honestly, it was just a little inkling floating around in my head which I decided to gaze upon. And just like that I thought to myself, “I should write a book. Yeah… a book.” I never had the intention of publishing it either and it wouldn't have gone up without the persistence, support, and encouragement from an amazing group of people. It took three years of my life to finish this beast, and I am proud to finally have it finished for all to read. I am currently working on the sequels for Restricted Renegade and Crisis as well as polishing a few other new book ideas. I am also one of the biggest bookworms as well as an editor. I am the editor of seven amazing books so far. If you have any questions about my editing service, then shoot me a message on Goodreads.

OK - HERE WE GO !!  

No.1 Would you break the law to save a loved one? .. why?

Yes. Without a doubt. As for why, is an explanation really needed? I’m willing to do what is needed in order to make sure the hearts of the people I love keep beating.

No.2 What is the difference between being alive and truly living?

Well, you’re breathing and you’re conscious. HEY! You’re alive. Good job. But truly living? Living is doing what you have with your life. To some it may be living on the edge like an adrenaline junkie and maybe helping those in need. To truly live to me is to feel. Especially feel love. What’s better than the feeling you get knowing you made someone smile? Feeling the touch of your significant. Feeling the love of a parent. Hearing the laugh of your nephew or your child. Experiencing the true bond of brother or sisterhood. 

No.3 What motivates you to write?

My daydreams do. I come up with some awesome stuff while I daydream. I like the challenge of trying to express emotions and feelings with something of our physical world. Creative and descriptive writing might be a pain, but I find a sort of excitement and pleasure in that.

No.4 Why do humans want children?

That depends on the person. You can look at it from an evolutionist’s standpoint or from the standpoint of a human with actual feelings. Either way, I can’t speak for others. I can only speak for myself. 

No.5 What was the biggest challenge in creating your book "Unrestricted Rising" ? 

I think a better question is what was the biggest challenge in creating the series. In both Restricted Renegade and Unrestricted Rising, I face two of the hardest challenges. 1) setting up the dystopic universe. 2) making sure the plot is complex, yet easy to follow, and possible.

No.6 What is the most important thing you have learned in life so far?

I can’t say it any better than the words of Sofia Malamas, author of The Onyx Bridge. “True power is based on understanding, hard work, and total comprehension of skills.” 

No.7 How did you come up with the title "Unrestricted Rising" ?

Well, the war has only begun in the Restricted Saga. It’s time for the Unrestricted to fight back and rise against the Mainland. So Unrestricted Rising.

No.8 How do you handle personal criticism?

I’ll be honest. It hurts. But I don’t get caught up on it because it ALWAYS benefits me. I learn from my mistakes and if someone doesn’t something from my book, I will know what to work on a little more in my next books. If it’s a completely biased bad review or if it’s basically just a rant that really holds no rationality, then I’ll feel bad, but I won’t pay any mind to it for too long. 

No.9 Why should people read your book? 

Well, why not? I worked hard on it. There are some morals and lessons that I want to share with the readers that are addressed in my book. It’s gotten good feedback and it’s sold pretty well. I just wish more people would leave reviews so I can learn what I’m doing right and what I could work on.

No.10 Why is there something rather than nothing?

O_o” Uhhh…..? D’: Why are you asking me this?? :’(

Thank you David for taking the time to answer my questions & the best of luck with your new book!

Check out  “Unrestricted Rising" on

After liberating County #203 LEOs from the influence of the ARES broadcast, Rachel must face her demons and take her place within the Unrestricted Forces. But when Uh-Kuh is conquered by a feral group of humans the Unrestricted call The Rats, Rachel is dead set on rescuing her mother and friends. With County #203 in need of leadership, a long lost friend—Melody Vandergeld, who seems to be hiding ulterior motives—convinces David to take up the role of Congressman. But when David renegades to the Mainland for an unknown reason, Rachel is left questioning who or what caused this betrayal. With Uh-Kuh taken over and David missing, it is now up to Rachel to liberate Uh-Kuh and rescue David. Sacrifices must be made. 

The War has only just begun.


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