Thursday, 20 August 2015

Janelle Kahele.

Today I'd like to welcome Janelle Kahele, author of 'Violet Chain' to The Thursday Interview. Before we get started, a quick intro! 

I am a proud mother of three daughters who are my absolute complete existence. I write to relieve the scattered thoughts that stream through my mind, constantly. My biggest downfall is that I am a huge procrastinator, which makes my life at times hectic! I love to read smexy books. Although, I will read anything that engages me. Huge supporter of Indie authors!

OK - HERE WE GO !!  

No.1  Would you break the law to save a loved one? .. why? 
I suppose it depends on the situation. If they had made a mistake or was caught into a situation that was not of their own fault, yes I would cover for them, even if that meant breaking the law. But if they purposely placed their self into a situation that could have been avoided, no I would not. 

No.2  What is the difference between being alive and truly living? 
Being alive is existing, going day to day, doing what is expected, working, taking care of your family. Living, is doing something just for you. Whether is it cliff diving or sitting alone reading a book. 

No.3  What motivates you to write? 
Everything. But mostly it is the thoughts and ideas that stream through my mind. Writing gives me a sense of relief, a relaxation that is irreplaceable and a bit unexplainable. I guess you could say that writing is like an addiction, a need to create something. 

No.4  Why do humans want children? 
Haha this a very funny question. I cannot tell you why other humans have children, but I know I did because I wanted a family with my husband. I loved the idea of being a mother and creating a small mini-me of me and my husband. I have three daughters, 20,17, and 14 and it is the proudest accomplishment, watching them grow and nurturing them. I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. 

No.5  What was the biggest challenge in creating your book"Violet Chain"? 
Grammatical errors. I am very attached to my manuscripts when I create them and unfortunately, blind to the errors that are created along the way. I am also very stubborn when it comes to necessary changes that are needed to make the story flow better. Lucky for me, I have a no nonsense editor who isn’t afraid to put me in my place. 

No.6  What is the most important thing you have learned in life so far? 
Unfortunately, I have had to learn that people are not who they seem. That there are a lot of people out there that will take advantage of you in a quick minute. Which had made me very cautious and withdrawn from others at times. 

No.7  How did you come up with the title "Violet Chain"?
Actually I came up with title first. I was messing around with a friend and we began making up book titles involving flowers and it’s how Violet Chain was created. I actually, created the story around the title. 

No.8  How do you handle personal criticism? 
I do well with personal criticism, as long as it is not done in a vicious way. You can expect everyone to agree with everything you are doing all the time and I believe everyone has the right to their opinion as long as it is done with heart and class. 

No.9  Why should people read your book? 
Because I believe they will love the story. The characters I have created took me a long time and I am very attached to them, because to me they are very real. If they love a good romance they will love this book. 

No.10  Why is there something rather than nothing? 
Who came up with these clever questions? This one is stumping me. Nothing to me doesn’t exist and something is more than nothing? I really am not sure how to answer this question, quite honestly.

Thank you Janelle :)
For taking the time to answer my questions 
& the best of luck with your new book! 

Check out 'Violet Chain' on

After catching her fianc√© with another woman at their engagement party, Violet Townsend's world is turned upside down. 

Desperate to numb the pain, she falls into the arms of charming, young entrepreneur Chain Alexander. Chain, a notorious womanizer of Philadelphia, not looking for anything more than a night of pleasure with a woman, is drawn to Violet instantly. There is something about her that he needs and wants so desperately and it’s not just sex. 

But Violet is resistant. Can she open her heart again after having it broken so brutally? And more importantly, should she? 

This book is intended for mature audiences only! 


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