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JG Faherty author of "Fatal Consequences"

Today I'd like welcome JG Faherty, author of  "Fatal Consequences" to the Thursday interview. Before we get started, a quick intro!

JG Faherty is a Bram Stoker Award® and ITW Thriller Award nominee and the author of four novels, seven novellas, and more than 50 short stories. His most recent titles are FATAL CONSEQUENCES, CASTLE BY THE SEA, and THIEF OF SOULS. He writes adult and YA horror/sci-fi/fantasy, and his works range from quiet, dark suspense to over-the-top comic gruesomeness. He enjoys urban exploring, photography, classic B-movies, good wine, and pumpkin beer. As a child, his favorite playground was a 17th-century cemetery, which many people feel explains a lot. His personal motto is "Photobombing people since 1979!" 

OK - HERE WE GO !!  

No.1 Would you break the law to save a loved one? .. why?

Absolutely. Family and friends have to come before anything. I couldn't let the law stand in the way if it meant the difference between life and death for a loved one.

No.2 What is the difference between being alive and truly living?

Being alive is a physical state of being. Alive is not dead, and it can range from a comatose state to normal healthy functioning. Truly living is a state of mind. It means you are enjoying the life you are living. It requires consciousness.

No.3 What motivates you to write?

I have ideas in my head that need to come out. I want to share these stories with others. There is also the aspect of writing being an act of creation, just like art or music. There is a joy that comes from creating something, which is good, because the actual act of writing is a tough, thankless effort.

No.4 Why do humans want children?

I think that varies from person to person. Some want to continue their lineage, some enjoy the act of raising children. Of course, there is a biological imperative aspect as well, the biological clock many women – and plenty of men – feel, which is ingrained in all of us to a degree in order to ensure the perpetuation of the species. However, in humans, that component can be suppressed or missing, most likely due to the fact that our basic instincts – reproduction, survival, etc. – get more and more sublimated by changing intelligence and societal changes. Plenty of people don't want to have children, they don't feel that need. Unfortunately, some of them end up having kids anyhow, and the children end up suffering because of abandonment or abuse.

No.5 What was the biggest challenge in creating your book "FATAL CONSEQUENCES"?

Dealing with emotions a character needs to feel, but that I have no experience with. Without giving any spoilers, the main character is in a situation most people never will go through in their lives. To accurately portray the after-effects of his decision, it was necessary to use my imagination and also magnify my own emotional memories to create believable scences.

No.6 What is the most important thing you have learned in life so far?

Save your money, take care of your health, and enjoy your life as best you can.

No.7 How did you come up with the title "FATAL CONSEQUENCES"?

All actions have consequences. In the case of this book, the decisions the main character makes lead to deadly consequences for many of the people in his life.

No.8 How do you handle personal criticism?

I guess that depends on how it's delivered. Constructive criticism is something any writer needs to be able to take, and learn from. Of course, there's destructive criticism, too – readers, reviewers, people who simply hate the genre you write in. You need to have a thick skin to handle that. I've learned to brush that kind of criticism aside. Why let it upset you? 

No.9 Why should people read your book?

Because I believe they will get some enjoyment from it. It will deliver some chills, and like all forms of entertainment, it will give them a break from their everyday lives.

No.10 Why is there something rather than nothing?

That's an impossible question to answer, although plenty of philosophers and theoretical scientists probably spend their entire careers trying to create a plausible reason. Why? Because. Douglas Adams probably gave the best answer when he said the meaning of everything is 42.

 Thanks JG for taking the time to answer my questions & the best of luck with your new book! 

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Every decision carries a price.

Alec Winter is a man haunted by his own cowardice. When a bear attacked his family during a camping trip, he ran and hid. When he returned, his children were dead and his wife badly injured. But everyone believes he’s a hero because he led rescuers back in time to save her. Ever since then, his children’s deaths have haunted him. Now, on the anniversary of the attack, strange things begin happening. The people who helped Alec are dying in very violent ways, leaving him to wonder if guilt has finally driven him crazy...or if something far worse is coming for him.

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