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Kerry Alan Denney.


This Interview just became an interrogation!!

For the record, please state your name and the title of your book: 
Kerry Alan Denney, author of Dreamweavers.

Do you swear to tell the truth, 
the whole truth, 
and nothing but the truth, 
so help you God:  I DO


No.1  Why are you, you?
I am me because I learned a long time ago that I am the master of my own destiny. In order to take the reins and be in control of my life, destiny, and future, I had to learn to accept responsibility for my mistakes and shortcomings as well as bask in the glory of my successes.

The youths of any generation can learn and be taught an almost endless multitude of things—technology, the sciences, history, culture, social skills, and how to succeed and even excel—but there is one thing that can never be taught or learned “on the spot” or within a self-imposed timeline, and that is experience.

A great friend of mine and I often joke about how we’re not getting old, we’re getting more experienced. In order to gain experience, we must not only admit to the mistakes we make and the failures we create along our journey through life, but we must also learn from them and, more importantly, learn how to correct them so that we’re not doomed to repeat them.

Many times I’ve said, “I don’t want to keep making the same old mistakes over and over. I want to make all new ones!”

Experience is the greatest teacher we will ever know. To learn from our experiences, we must pay attention. To achieve our goals, we must be willing to get burned, and dive into our endeavors with gusto. My experiences have molded me into the man I am today. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that I’m a very lucky man too: I had the greatest, most loving parents a man could ever ask or hope for. Experience taught me how to be a man, succeed, excel, and prosper, but my parents taught me how to live and love.

No.2  Where on the political spectrum are you & how did you get there? 
I have to choose Moderate, but I’m primarily a Libertarian, and proud of it. Libertarianism is, in my opinion, more of a philosophy and a way of living than a political affiliation or form of idealism.

How did I get there? I believe that no person should ever force their beliefs, dogma, or ideology on another. Too many wars have been fought and too many innocent people killed in the name of God and religion, and that’s all because certain groups of people with one system of beliefs mistakenly think they have a God-given or natural right to enforce their beliefs on others. To me, that is morally wrong in all instances and belief systems—no exceptions. Those people are the ones we need to eradicate from the Earth (peacefully if at all possible) in order to move forward and evolve as a species.

Those who feel a need to dominate and subjugate others believe they are powerful and superior, but they’re actually suffering from the worst inferiority complex ever. Those who, like myself, feel comfortable in their own skin—and mind—never feel the need to control others.

Libertarianism is a “live and let live” philosophy, but it’s also a “don’t tread on me” philosophy. We will stand strong beside you in support of your right to be as different and unique as you wish to be—as long as you stand by our right to do the same. We will never force our beliefs on you. We expect you to treat us and others with the same tolerance. But we’re also prepared to savagely fight to the death in order to preserve our lives, liberty, and property... and our natural and God-given right to believe whatever we choose to believe.

No.3  In today’s world, why does your book matter?
My new paranormal thriller DREAMWEAVERS matters because it has an important sub-layer beneath the surface story: it encompasses loss, pain, fear, regret, resolve, altruism, passion, compassion, love, faith, trust, mercy, and maybe most important of all, hope. And if I did my job right, it blends them all together in a triumphant climax of ultimate redemption.

I love happy endings, and I believe in them too. My daughter once asked me “Do you still believe in magic?” and I answered “How can I not? It’s all around us, every day.”

DREAMWEAVERS is also about dreams—and nightmares—and learning to control them. It’s about that amazing crossover called lucid dreaming when our conscious mind encounters and interacts with our subconscious mind. It’s about learning who we are, what we are, and why we’re here, and on a very personal level through the characters.

It’s about the evolution of human consciousness.

I’ve often told my family and friends, “In order to make the big dreams come true, we must dream big.” I have the biggest dreams of all. And I’m working on making them come true. I hope you’re working on yours too. If you’re not, get started. Focus. Manipulate your reality in your favor.

This world needs more happy endings, and together we can make them happen. Oh yeah, I’ve been told DREAMWEAVERS is also just damn good entertainment.

No.4  What is the one fear that is always holding you back?
There is no fear that is holding me back, much less “always.” The only thing that ever “holds me back” is me, and I’m working on kicking my ass to make me stop doing that. I just have to make myself listen and pay attention so I learn from my mistakes, and am not doomed to repeat them. Wink wink.

After all these years living on this madly spinning rock, I have only one fear left: To die of a protracted, debilitating illness that makes those who care about me have to suffer for it. They deserve better, because they are the light that shines brightest in my world.

Every day that I wake up above ground is a great day.

What is fear anyway? Uncertainty. Doubt. Trepidation. Worry. It’s a pestilence that ravages hope. We must move beyond fear, embrace the unknown future, and accept that it can’t be known. Make peace with it. We’re on the greatest journey ever. What have we ever accomplished with worry? Answer: Nothing.

What will we accomplish with the opposite, with hope, courage, and determination?

I dare you to dream that Big Dream with me. We are destined for greatness if we can just get over our pettiness and selfishness.

Let’s leave a legacy that makes every sentient alien species who digs into our history and fossilized remains long after we’re gone, until the end of time, say, “Yeah, that human race. They were amazing, a benevolent and nurturing species. Took good care of themselves and their worlds. Wish we’d known them.”

No.5  Finish this sentence: My novel will be remembered in 50 years’ time because...
“...hopefully by then my species will have figured out that we were meant to evolve, to move beyond our primitive selfishness, foolishness, hubris, and narcissism and explore the universe—and our infinitely amazing minds—together.”

DREAMWEAVERS dares us to dream of that brighter future.

I did mention earlier that I dream the Big Dreams, didn’t I? ;)

No. 6 How did you feel when you heard your parent had died?
My mother died in a car accident (not her fault) in 1988 at age 58. One minute she was in my life and everything was fine, the next she was gone forever. I felt unmade, as if a huge piece of me was suddenly stripped away for all time... and it was. Some malevolent metaphysical hand had maliciously ripped out a vital part of my spirit. Suddenly I was... un-whole, less than I was moments before. I felt more alone than I had ever imagined I could be, and I have a very vivid imagination. No more sharing moments of joy—or sadness—with the woman who made me who I am... ever. The Grim Reaper is a conscienceless thief.

My father died in 2001 (age 76) in the hospital ICU from complications arisen due to a difficult surgery, as well as pretty much overall failing health. I had to sign the Living Will release forms to disconnect him from life support... but he had told me in advance that it wasn’t my decision to make, that I was acting on his behalf. Didn’t make it any easier to sign and let him go. I was there in the room with him when he moved on to the next world. Hopefully he was reunited with his wife.

I was truly alone in this world.

I loved my parents so much, and still miss them every day, even though the grief has long since passed. But there is a silver lining: Because of all the love and joy my parents brought to my life, I have learned to live in honor of them, in ways they would be proud of me if they were still here.

Like myself, they were voracious readers. I only wish I could share my writing accomplishments with them. They would be so happy for me. So I turn the page to the next scene, the next adventure...

No.7  Rejection is everywhere in the writing world and yet you carry on. Please explain?
I believe every writer has a bit of a masochist lurking inside them. The ones who survive and thrive have Kryptonite-resistant super-thick skin, as I do. I learned years ago to take rejection with aplomb. In fact, I don’t even call it rejection anymore; I call it “DECLINED.” I believe that every single rejection is just a stepping stone toward that long-awaited and anticipated “YES!” that makes us want to dance... and gets our hard work published in the literary world.

One big “YES!” negates a thousand “NO”s. I’ve now gotten several of both, and done a lot of dancing over the former... and discarded and forgotten a multitude of the latter.

I subscribe to what I call my “Triple P Philosophy”: Patience, Persistence, and Perseverance. Where would I be now if I had simply given up after getting kicked in the teeth with rejection after rejection? Probably saying something like, “You want fries with that?”

But I remain undaunted. Rejection does not intimidate me. Want to take your turn at kicking me in the teeth? Bring it on. Take your best shot. Because when you’re done, I’m picking myself back up, brushing myself off, and jumping back in the ring with both fists swinging.

Writing is all about patience, making stories grow scene by scene and act by act, breathing magical life into your characters and their worlds, and making dreams come true.

Add persistence and perseverance, and you have a winning combination. I did. And I’m just getting started...

No.8  Would your books make good movies? Why?
Better to ask my readers and fans instead. My answer is “Yes, all three of my published novels would make great movies.” I’ll explain why shortly, but let’s see what my readers are saying...

“Mr. Denney paints such an incredibly visual picture with his words it makes the non-stop action in Jagannath play like a Hollywood blockbuster movie in your head.” – The Book Minion on JAGANNATH

“If Hitchcock, King, and Koontz got together for a beer, they might come up with something this horrifyingly twisted.” – Monique Lewis Happy, Managing/ Acquisitions Editor at Winlock Press on DREAMWEAVERS

“Lucid dreaming has long been thought to give the dreamer powers. What happens when technology gives it a boost, and the recipient is a psychopath? This book has more twists and turns than a mountain trail!” – Elizabeth Robbins on DREAMWEAVERS

I could post more rave reviews, but I invite readers to check out my works and discover for themselves why they’d make great movies. My answer is because each of my novels incorporates realistic characters you’ll love and root for—or hate and ache to see die, in the case of my villains—along with escalating tension and conflict, cliffhanging action and adventure, and a multitude of opportunities for the latest and greatest kick-ass CG effects to showcase my freakish monsters, bizarre dreamscapes, and psychic phenomena.

Plus, according to my readers and reviewers, they’re just damn good entertainment. ;)

No.9  Name one thing you have done that you’re not proud of.
Well, at least you’re asking me to only name one, lol. I’ve given this question a lot of thought... much more so than the others. Rather than choose one specific incident, I’ve decided to share this more general thing I’ve done that I’m not proud of:

Every time I responded with selfishness, immaturity, disdain, or callousness to someone I care about. In each instance, I either instantly or inevitably regretted my behavior. If I could go back in time, I’d fix those moments. But that river only flows forward, so I resolve to do better every “next time” chances I get, every day, every opportunity.

In my opinion, we always have room for self-improvement, to become better people and a better species. I consider that to be our primary mission on this amazing journey through life. I want to be the spark that ignites the beacon that lights our way to a better tomorrow.

No.10  Name 2 humans you love and why.
Finally, an easy question to answer, lol. First is my best friend in this world and multiple parallel dimensions and alternate universes, Mike Marjenhoff. We’ve been best friends since we were eighteen, and will be until time stops and the multi-verse flickers off for the final ultimate bang. We talk about anything and everything with no reservations, hesitation, or secrets. And we laugh—and make each other laugh—a lot. A hell of a lot. I’m so lucky to have made and kept a friend like Mike. He has made my life richer and more meaningful just by being a part of it. I dedicated my second published novel, the post-apocalyptic sci-fi/ horror thriller JAGANNATH, to Mike. Here’s the dedication:

To Mike Marjenhoff, my best friend in two worlds and multiple dimensions, and the best friend a man could ever ask or hope for. We have assessed the cumulative damage, my brother, and have determined that the ship will still fly and achieve warp speed for a good while longer.

Second is my great and wonderful friend Lynda Fitzgerald. In addition to being my best female friend, Lynda is an excellent writer and valued colleague. We talk about anything and everything too, especially writing and books. And figuring out the universe too, of course. Lynda and I have been members in a spectacular writers’ critique group together since 2009: The Atlanta Writers’ Collective. We were a top ten finalist in the Writer’s Digest “What Makes Writing Groups Work” competition on May 13, 2014. I dedicated SOULSNATCHER, a paranormal thriller and my first published novel, to Lynda. Here’s the dedication:

To my great friend and fellow writer and dog lover Lynda Fitzgerald. We faced the crashing waves together, and earned our passage with tails wagging and wind-in-fur.

Another great friend I love is my Golden retriever Holly Jolly, a professional Therapy Dog. I could go on listing great people, too, but it’s time to get back to that greatest joy, writing...

Ok Kerry, you're free to go.

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