Thursday, 19 November 2015

Rachel McGrath.


The Thursday Interview just became an interrogation!!
For the record, please state your name and the title of your new book:
 Rachel McGrath, author of "Mud on your Face".

Do you swear to tell the truth, 
the whole truth, 
and nothing but the truth, 
so help you God:  I DO


No.1  Why are you, you?
I love this question. Who else would be me? And why would they want to be? We are all unique and wonderful in sometimes-mysterious ways. I don’t want to be anyone else, because I am who I am – the good, the bad and the ugly!  That’s why I’m me!

No.2  Where on the political spectrum are you & how did you get there? 
I would classify myself as moderate. I’m neither strongly left or right wing, I’m more pragmatic and ideological. I don’t like what is happening in some of our political systems, and for me it is about the leader not the party, and what is right at the time for society and our economic system.

No.3  In today's world, why does your book matter?
Whilst Mud on your Face is a children’s book, it is essentially about family values, appreciating who you have in your life, and not wishing for something different. I think that is relevant to anyone, no matter what age, and it’s a story that we sometimes all need to read, to remind us to cherish what you have, while you have it.

No.4  What is the one fear that is always holding you back? 
Fear of letting go!  I like to plan, control and find sense in everything, and sometimes that is what stops me from just jumping off the ledge and taking a real risk. I guess in many ways I’m too risk adverse, and whilst I can be creative and wild in my writing, in my real life, I am very different.

No.5  Finish this sentence "My novel will be remembered in 50 years time because......."
Family is timeless, and no matter what the era, people need their family. The underlying theme of family values, brotherhood, sisterhood and cherishing the ones you love should never lose its appeal.

No.6  How did you feel when you first got married? 
I got married twice to the same man – two different countries. But the first time was just magic. I could not stop laughing as I met him down the aisle, I remember it feeling so surreal yet complete. I was promising to be with my forever partner in front of the ones I love. That was magical.

No.7 Rejection is everywhere in the writing world and yet you carry on. Please explain?
I don’t think you can be a writer and not face rejection. You have to find a way to work with it, learn from it, and grow in your capabilities. If you let it pull you down, it will win.  For example, I wrote Mud on your Face just over three years ago. I had sent it off to a myriad of publishers who rejected the book. So, I shelved it, and then reworked it, only publishing it just over a month ago.  It was a story I wanted to make public, and I’m proud of the response it is receiving so far. Without that rejection, it may not be the same book it is today.

No.8 Would your book "Mud on your Face" make a great movie? Why?
I really think it would be a great kids movie, and even better animated. Gus is a fun character, which most children will assimilate to, and his adventures will create a magical story for the family to watch. I would love to see it on the big screen.

No.9 Name one thing you have done that you're not proud of?
Wow, tough question. Sometimes I have not been proud of my own behavior or response to certain situations but I try not to dwell on the bad, and find learning from it. There are friendships and opportunities I have lost in the past due to sometimes my stubbornness, but I try to find a way to move forward, and not repeat my mistakes.

No.10 Name 2 humans you love and why?

Both my husband and my mother!

My husband is my soul mate, my best friend and my rock. He encourages me to be who I am and pushes me to follow my ambitions. My mother has always supported me, professed her pride in my work, and encouraged me through the years. Without her I would not be the person I am today, or where I am today. I have her to thank for that!

OK, you're free to go.
If we have any further questions 
where can we contact you? 

You can find me on 24/7 on FACEBOOK.
And my book 'Mud on your Face' 
can be found on AMAZON.

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