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Anne Michaud "Girls & Monsters"

Today I'd like welcome Anne Michaud, author of "Girls & Monsters" to the Thursday interview. Before we get started, intro please!!
She who likes dark things never grew up. She never stopped listening to gothic, industrial and alternative bands like when she was fifteen. She always loved to read horror and dystopia and fantasy, where doom and gloom drip from the pages.
She, who was supposed to make films, decided to write short stories, novelettes and novels instead. She, who’s had her films listed on festival programs, has been printed in a dozen anthologies and magazines since.
She who likes dark things prefers night to day, rain to sun, and reading to anything else.
OK - Here goes!
No.1 Would you break the law to save a loved one? . why?
Yes, because I'm very peculiar about whom I love, so the list is quite short. But I would kill, lie and pretty much do anything for the ones I love – since they are so few, I cannot take the chance to lose any of them.
No.2 What is the difference between being alive and truly living?
Being alive is breathing, eating, having a shelter over your head and someone to interact with; living is breathing through your passion, eating your days with endless hunger, having a shelter to share with someone or something you love. Living is why I'm alive.
No.3 What motivates you to write?
At first, I discovered a passion I never knew existed, but now, it's plain determination. Don't get me wrong, I love to write and cannot stop (even on days off), but what has been driving me lately is to make a living out of it, and since we're talking about me becoming some sort of business, the poetic side of being a writer just doesn't stick, anymore.
No.4 Why do human's want children?
I haven't got a clue!! I decided I preferred furry animals to babies on my last day as a babysitter (Victor, new Goth I'm very proud to have molded years and years ago), so maybe you should ask people with kids for an accurate answer.
No.5 What was the biggest challenge in creating your book "Girls & Monsters" ?
Mostly, it was to find totally different girls with unique motivations and worlds – and the monsters, they had to have not much in common to distinguish themselves from one another. I hate it when I read a collection with stories having too much in common with each other-I'm not talking themes or motifs, but wordings and moments. I wanted every story to be super different from the others, which I think I achieved.
No.6 What is the most important thing you have learned in life so far?
Though times pass slowly, good times flash by. Sad, but true.
No.7 How did you come up with the title "Girls & Monsters" ?
When I first started to write the collection, I realized quickly the two main characters in each story were girls and monsters, so it was a no-brainer, really.
No.8 How do you handle personal criticism?
Very badly at first, but then I step back, take a deep breath, and think if it's based on truth or not. If not, I forget it; if so, I try to write better next time.
No.9 Why should people read your book?
Because it's so rare that girls kick butt in the dark horror genre – it's always boys, boys, boys with their machine guns and witty charms. Girls can be strong, we can kill the beast and demand respect, and still be a girl at the end of our quest. So this is why people should read it -especially girls – to feel empowered and not some number who gets killed by a monster or saved by a boy.
No.10 Why is there something rather than nothing?
Something can be counted, whilst nothing has no quantity.


Thank you Anne for taking the time to answer my questions &
the best of luck with this wonderfull book!

Check out her new book "Girls & Monsters" on

This dark but uplifting collection of five Young Adult novellas includes:

Death Song: Liz is in love with Joe, but the monster of the lake has other plans for them.

Black Dog: Scarlet is engaged in a struggle for her sanity, but according to the voice in her head, she may be too late.

A Blue Story: When Katherine's beloved dog goes missing, she fears her strange new neighbor might be involved.

Dust Bunnies: Christiane faces her childhood arachnophobia and ends up confronting even greater fears in this test of sisterhood.

We Left at Night: Brooke and her family must abandon their home and their lives to make it out of a disease-plagued town overrun by zombies.

Girls & Monsters is for everyone who has ever been brave enough to confront their childhood fears...and lived to tell about it.
She who likes dark things prefers night to day, rain to sun, and reading to anything else.
She tweets @annecmichaud


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